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Youth Volunteer Program (Age 18 and under)

Salvaged Souls Pet Rescue welcomes volunteers of all ages to save the lives of dogs and cats in our community!  If you are looking for a fun and engaging opportunity to show your child how rewarding it is to help those in need ~ please join us!  We DO REQUIRE that any underage volunteers be accompanied and under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian at all times for their safety and the safety of our adoptable cats and dogs.

We realize that by engaging our Youth Volunteers as they discover their passion for helping the cats and dogs here in Tarrant County, we are helping to develop tomorrows leaders in the animal welfare community.


Safety is our top priority for our volunteers. When volunteering, we ask that you keep a close eye on your child. Encourage gentle behavior when they are working with our adoptable animals, and always speak with a Volunteer Lead before handling to ensure that pet is kid-friendly. It is a great opportunity to teach what we like to call good “Pet Manners”

  • Ask permission- Some cats and dogs are too unpredictable for children to handle safely. Many small breed dogs require a slow introduction before handling- so reaching right in and grabbing is stressful to them- so ask your Volunteer Lead which animal would be a good fit to work with children.
  • Respect boundaries – Adoption Events can be stressful on pets- so you need to make sure you are giving them time to get adjusted to their new environment.
  • Be Aware- Make sure you are closely supervising your child at all times- there are many people and animals at our adoption events and it can get pretty hectic!

Adoptions are located at Petco (Colleyville),  Hollywood Feed (Colleyville) and Earthwise (Southlake), and various other locations, throughout each month.

For adoption events (on Saturday and Sunday) we may split the event up into shifts.  If you need alternative hours, please let us know as we are flexible!

Our only requirement for volunteering is a drive to help find our animals great homes! If there are cat/dog allergies we can have you assist adopters without handling the animals.