Our Story

A girl with a dream ~ Founder, Denise Primm, always had a passion for animals ~ any breed, big or small, loved or stray…it didn’t matter…I loved them all!!  My parents blessed me with many, many pets I had the pleasure of raising, nurturing and calling my own…thus my passion for animals remains.  My deep affection for animals started as a little girl with a dream of loving, saving and rescuing every animal I came in contact with and ultimately becoming a veterinarian. That passion has grown over the years and continues to be my heart and soul. After many years of raising my own precious pets, pet sitting for family and friends, and rescuing many animals in need, I decided to make it not just a hobby, but a livelihood that I can dedicate all my time to.  I feel I have truly found my place in life caring for animals and I am blessed to be able to do what I do. With the help of my son, and a few other dedicated animal lovers on my team, we are determined to make a difference in the rescue world, and we are committed to being a voice and a safe haven for the precious souls that need a savior on their side!