Candi is a sweet girl, and “big ol puppy”. She is fully vetted, microchipped and heartworm negative,
She is very active, and playful, and has great anxiety in a crate, so needs someone who will allow her freedom to sleep in the bed or in the room with them.
She could use a patient person to teach her socially how to behave due to her size… she just doesn’t get it. Candi loves cuddles and needs pets quite often.

She is approximately 5 yrs old and weighs 70 lbs.

*Candi is great with other dogs of all sizes, as long as they are not alpha.

Adoption Fee $200


Dudley and Hadley (BONDED)

***Hadley is THE most precious little girl you will EVER meet!!!!
She loves EVERYONE and wants to be loved on, 24/7!

Hadley is current on vaccinations, heartworm negative and microchipped.

She is approximately 2 yrs old and weighs 31 pounds.

Some patience will be needed if trying to walk her, as she is hyper and gets excited, and does pull.

Hadley is great with adults, children and other dogs, and learning how to ‘play’, as we don’t think she had a great past.

She does struggle with allergies (antihistamines, and special shampoo purchased over the counter) and frequent ear cleanings.

***Dudley is a precious, playful and loving boy!! He is fully vetted, heartworm negative and microchipped.

He is a Terrier mix, approximately a year and a half old.

Dudley has ever met a stranger, and he LOVES playing with other dogs, and thoroughly enjoys going for walks.

Hadley and Dudley are BONDED, so we would love to see them go to their forever home, together!!

Adoption Fee $500



Charlie needs a foster home in Dallas/Fort Worth, with NO children. He is a sweet Pyr mix, who is protective of his person.

Charlie needs a foster home in Dallas/Fort Worth, with NO children. He is a sweet Pyr mix, who is protective of his person.

Charlie is fully vetted, heartworm negative and microchipped.

He does well with the smaller dogs in the current foster home.

Adoption Fee $300



Ginger is a beautiful Shepherd who LOVES to play with her ball, and FETCH!!

She seems to do well with other dogs, though absolutely is NOT cat friendly.

Ginger loves everyone, though sometimes tends to bond more closely with one human individual.

She walks well on a leash, house broken, UTD on vaccines and microchipped.

Ginger prefers to be in a home with NO cats and no small children.

Adoption Fee $200



Foster home needed in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Meadow is fearful of SOME men, so she needs a female only foster home, or, someone to work with her, in getting her comfortable with men.
She is UTD on vaccines, heartworm negative and microchipped, though needs to be spayed.

She is high energy, strong on a leash and loves to play with other dogs!

No small children, due to her size (77 lbs).

Adoption Fee $350



Ernie is a sweet and handsome Catahoula mix…approximately 3 years old.

He prefers a tight schedule/feeding time, with naps in his crate (door open).

Ernie does well with other dogs, and seems to do ok with cats.

He is fully vetted, heartworm negative and microchipped.

Ernie loves people, but prefers to hang out with men, and be their best buddy!

He’s a sweet boy, and beautiful, as well!

He is food motivated, so training works very well, with treats!

Adoption fee $200


Bella Rose

Bella Rose is a sweet and sassy Chihuahua…approximately 7 years old and weighs 12 pounds.

She is fully vetted, heartworm negative and microchipped.

Bella gets along well with other dogs, though we are unsure how she is with cats.

She is house broken, crate trained and very food motivated.

Adoption Fee $200



Buster is the sweetest little guy!! He is fully vetted, heartworm negative and microchipped. He is potty trained, however, if he goes a long period of time with no opportunity to go outside, he will have an accident in the house.

He’s great with other dogs, loves to nap and enjoys lounging in a human lap.

Buster is approximately 10 years old and weighs 24 lbs.

Adoption Fee $150



Schaeffer is a gorgeous male Terrier, who is somewhat shy with new people, until he gets to know you.

He is fully vetted, heartworm negative and microchipped.

Schaeffer does well with most dogs, though he is not a fan of large males. We definitely think he would thrive in a home with another dog, if it’s the right fit.

He is potty trained to use a doggy door, seems to do great with children, and recently introduced to cat, who he is fine with.

Adoption Fee $350



Hank is a sweet and playful boy, who has recently completed heartworm treatment, and received the “all clear” from our vet.

Hank loves everyone he meets! He can be a little “nippy” in a playful way, due to his age.

He loves to entertain himself by looking at himself in the mirror, and admiring how adorable he is!

Hank will cuddle on the couch with his person, or just hang by himself.

He is house broken, fully vaccinated and microchipped, and neutered.

Adoption Fee $300



Capone is a fully vetted, Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix.

He recently completed treatment for heartworms, and received the “all clear” from the vet.

Capone is very friendly with people, and has done well with all dogs we have introduced home to, since joining our rescue, though he has had no exposure to cats.

Capone is approximately 3 yrs old, playful, and now healthy!

Adoption Fee $200



Mavis is an adorable 8 pound Chihuahua, who is fully vetted and ready to find her forever home!
she is house broken and dog friendly, though she will at times try to bully another dog, if they get near her space, etc.

She is a cuddler…loves to be on your lap, or right next to you, snuggled up.

Mavis is not a fan of being in a kennel, and will climb right over a doggy gate.

She loves to go for car rides, walks, etc.,…she is always ready!! She does need to be watched carefully, if you are coming and going, as she will bolt out the door, if given the opportunity.

Mavis is just a sweet little baby who loves to be carried around, and sleep in the bed with her human.

She is not a fan of large dogs. Whether it’s out of fear or resource guarding, she does tend to lash out, and let them know “she is the boss”.

Mavis is good with children of all ages, but due to her size, a household with children 9 yrs or older, is preferred.

She has not had exposure to cats, since joining our rescue.

Adoption Fee $350



Gracie is a sweet and happy 2 yr old who is looking for a loving, forever home!

She is fully vetted, just completed heartworm treatment (and received the all clear from our vet) and microchipped.

Gracie would do best in a calm environment with owners who spend a little more time at home. She’s had a rough start to life and prefers to not be alone too much.

She loves kiddos, but would do better with older kids.

Gracie gets along well with other dogs, but would do best with older, or calm dog.

She is perfect on a leash, loves chasing squirrels at the dog park and lives for car rides.

Adoption Fee $350



Baxter is a precious medium size boy (31 pounds), who is fully vetted, very sweet and adorable as ever!!

He is house broken, walks great on a leash, and loves to ride in the car.

Baxter is cat and dog friendly, great with children and loves his human!!

We are hoping to find a family where someone is home most of the time, as Baxter loves companionship, and not a fan of spending a lot of time alone.
**Bonus if there is a calm child or another dog to play with!

Adoption Fee $350


Benson and Elmer (Bonded)

Elmer and Benson are a bonded pair, who recently joined our rescue, after their owner passed away.

They are both very sweet and friendly, great with other dogs, and children, though they have had no exposure to cats.

Elmer and Benson are fully vetted, heartworm negative and microchipped, though the vet would like to see both, lose a few pounds (we are working on it).

These sweet boys love to ride in the car, go for walks, snuggle with their human, and just in the presence of any human!!

Adoption Fee $300



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Mitzi and Fifi

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FOSTER HOME needed in Dallas/Fort Worth, while sweet Bailey undergoes heartworm treatment.



Jester is an adorable little guy who is UTD on vaccines, though scheduled for neuter, soon.

He is dog friendly, and would probably do best, with another fur friend, as he prefers to have company.

He is good with children, but due to his anxiety, we feel he would do best in a home with older kids.

Jester has had a rough past, of abuse, so he needs a gentle/calm family who will allow him time to feel secure and safe.

He loves to go for walks and car rides, and walks great on a leash!

Jester is house broken, for the most part, however, since he is not yet neutered, he will occasionally hike his leg in the house.

Adoption Fee $350

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