If you love animals, and are willing to foster a pet until a permanent home is found, we NEED you!  You are joining a dedicated group of people working directly to help homeless animals.  Fosters are needed for short and long term, and need to live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Our foster homes are a temporary step toward a better life. We brush up their house manners and see that each dog learns the basic skills needed to get along with others. The most precious gift we can give to the animals in our program is the knowledge that they are safe… that it’s okay to trust again and to love again. 

We encourage each new forever family to continue the socialization and training process once the animal is settled into their new home.  

Fostering a rescue animal means that you agree to take a rescue animal into your home, and care for it until Salvaged Souls Pet Rescue can find the perfect loving forever home.  These animals are all in need of love, patience and understanding, as most of them are saved directly from animal shelters, being found on the streets, abused, neglected or surrendered, and were at high risk of being euthanized.  As a foster-home based organization, all of the animals in our care are in temporary, private-screened homes, until adopted.  Because they live with our volunteers families, we are able to learn a lot about their personalities, behaviors, and likes and dislikes.  Salvaged Souls Pet Rescue covers basic supplies (leash, collar, id tag, crate, food) along with veterinary care of spay/neuter, microchip, vaccinations.  You just cover the TLC!

Our fosters have a say in who we permanently place our rescue animals with, and their input is valuable.

For those who say they could never foster, because they would become too attached, think of all the countless lives you could save, by providing a safe haven for animals in need.  It is a short term commitment, and provides a warm and loving temporary place for them to stay, while they await their forever home.  There is no greater joy than seeing these wonderful animals move on into their forever homes, and opening up a spot in your home to continually save more lives.  We value your contribution to our group, whether you can foster one animal, or numerous animals over time.  

Foster Application